LTS Radio Show

Please feel free to comment or recommend topics that you would like to hear addressed on the show. This space is reserved to provide a link so that each show can be listened to. To listen to a particular show, please visit:  Elevate The Soul On Blogtalkradio or Listen to the via of weekly posts.

During our first two years, weekly, in the first half hour we were joined by  our Guest Dee Dee Shaw a certified weight management coach. Dee Dee Shaw is passionate about helping people get comfortable in their own skin. During the second half hour, Host Emilio Williams, MHS interviewed resource people from a wide variety of fields and interests ranging from older adults to young people to traditional medicine to holistic to chakras and energy centers to meditation, yoga and day to day health issues. His desire was and always will be to help people learn to help themselves. You can expect Emilio to share his favorite, meals, recipes, and insights. His passion and love for people will not be contained. His practical questions and direct and engaging style will keep you coming back. Recommend to your friends, it might just save someone’s life.

You can search for other shows he has done through this link.

Also visit Elevate The Soul.

2 Responses to LTS Radio Show

  1. ayurvedic says:

    Hi from mike (VNR) thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to put my comments to your guests. As I mentioned, although not a nutrisionist, ~I do work in the natural health world as a natural therapy consultant specializing in ozone. Breathing/ the mind is one of the most overlooked aspects of our wellbeing and was so happy to hear your guest talk about the importance of breating deeply and not from the upper chest.
    I was told a a very simple technique to help you breath deeply and works every time. Simply put your hand over your stomach, immediatley you start to breath from the lower abdomen, this is how nature intended it to be for us.
    Great show, thanks
    mike cavalli

  2. ayomeansjoy says:

    I am a Certified Breathologist, Transformational Breath Facilitator, Senior Yoga Movement Instructor and a Stress Manager. I am a degreed Counselor/Community Organizer with over 30 years experience, so often serve as a Life Coach. I am the Author of the “Power of the Breath” and Producer of “Relearn How to Breathe” DVD. I have many articles that I can post on helping people “re-learn how to breathe” for stress management impacting on better life, health and work. My site is I offer breathology, stress and relaxation facilitation in my practice, over the phone and over the Internet. I am one of a few people of color who facilitates Transformational Breathing and I am the founder of the practice, “Breathology” with 22 persons having taken my certification coarse. If I can be of any service, please allow me. Mastery over “deep breathing” is the easiest technique we can change to make the maximum benefit within our Spirits, Minds, and Bodies. There is true power in the breath.

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