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Episode 21: Diabetes and Obesity Continues With Dr. Gregory Clark

Click this link to listen to the entire show. Enjoy! Special Guest Dr. Gregory Clark  Author of “The ABC’S of Health and Nutrition” &  “The Link Between Nutrition and IQ ” bring a powerful message.  Dr. Clark continues his focus … Continue reading

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Episode 15: Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems; Dehydration and Spritzers

Click This Link to Listen to The Entire Broadcast 1st 30 Min – Dee Dee Shaw, Certified Weight Loss Coach & Wellness Counselor. THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: Builds on previous shows highlighting the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and on the IMMUNE SYSTEM, RESPIRATORY … Continue reading

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Episode 11: Digestive System & What Men Can Do About Their Health

THIS IS NOT SIMPLY FOR MEN, YET WE ARE CALLING ALL MEN: Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Brothers, MEN!!! YOUR WOMEN, CHILDREN, COMMUNITY, YOUR MEN NEED YOU HEALTHY – 100%. We Send prayers for those of you who cannot participate 100% in … Continue reading

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Episode 9: Glycemic Indexes & Making Food Taste Good

1st Half Hour FEATURED GUEST: Dee Dee Shaw, Certified Weight Loss Coach & Wellness Counselor, Real People with Real Results. This Week’s Topic: Targets glycemia (the presence, or the level, of glucose in one’s blood), glycemic indexes (a measure of … Continue reading

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Recipe Central

rec·i·pe n 1. a list of ingredients and instructions for making something, especially a food dish 2. a method of doing something or a combination of circumstances likely to bring something about 3. a prescription for a therapeutic preparation BEGINNING … Continue reading

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