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Episode 11: Digestive System & What Men Can Do About Their Health

THIS IS NOT SIMPLY FOR MEN, YET WE ARE CALLING ALL MEN: Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Brothers, MEN!!! YOUR WOMEN, CHILDREN, COMMUNITY, YOUR MEN NEED YOU HEALTHY – 100%. We Send prayers for those of you who cannot participate 100% in … Continue reading

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Episode 9: Glycemic Indexes & Making Food Taste Good

1st Half Hour FEATURED GUEST: Dee Dee Shaw, Certified Weight Loss Coach & Wellness Counselor, Real People with Real Results. This Week’s Topic: Targets glycemia (the presence, or the level, of glucose in one’s blood), glycemic indexes (a measure of … Continue reading

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Recipe Central

rec·i·pe n 1. a list of ingredients and instructions for making something, especially a food dish 2. a method of doing something or a combination of circumstances likely to bring something about 3. a prescription for a therapeutic preparation BEGINNING … Continue reading

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