About Life Tree Station

My primary motivation and commitment to health and wellness is motivated as a result of my mother passing over in April 2001 and my father passing in December 2011. Mom was only 61 years of age and dad was 76 years of age. Both experienced physical challenges associated with weight, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and dad ended with a bout with leukemia, chemotherapy and other issues. As I reflect over my family history and consider other family members on both sides of the family, the degree of morbid obesity in the U.S., the early onset of adult diseases in children; I am moved to communicate with as many people as possible the importance of maintaining optimal health. While many theories “preach” biological disposition, I am powerful beyond measure. The answers lie withing me. The work begins here. I appreciate your taking precious moments to visit with us and share your comments.

As the blog expands we will continue to provide information about wellness and other topics related to wellness as we continue to make every attempt to heal our communities through proper nutrition, health, exercise, diet and more.

Scroll down or click this link to contact us or for additional information. We look forward to connecting with you.

Wellness for us does not mean the absence of sickness. It is a bit late to contemplate wellness when you are sick or ill. That is akin to studying for the test once the paper has been placed in front of you.

The blog posts are also designed to capture your comments from the weekly radio show on BlogTalk Radio. The show will broadcast on Mondays beginning April 4, 2011. During the broadcast you can reach the show online at Elevate The Soul Online Radio Station or call in at 347-215-7828. Calls into the show can also be accessed through SKYPE.

We look forward to working with you and sharing information together that will help us educate others regarding wellness and better solutions to healthy living through nutrition and exercise.

Finally, we are also committed to giving back to the community and will highlight the two organizations receiving a percentage of all revenues generated through Life Tree Station and any of it’s assigned affiliates. Thank you and stay tuned.

Emilio, Host

2 Responses to About Life Tree Station

  1. Dawn Wolf says:

    I disagree on one point, Emilio. Being sick is an uncomfortable, and miserable place to be, but be that as it may; it is a good place to study one’s illness, and study its structure.

  2. Absolutely my brother. In my limited experience it is a choice that some take and others do not. One of my dear friends shares parts of what she learned and is learning from her stroke. She is studying it and it’s structure, her attitude and realizing that body follows mind. She has countless stories of others, who however, choose to be a victim, do nothing, and don’t study or work the program. It is unfortunate because the hospitals or rehab centers will only keep you as long as you take the active role and are/be prepared to learn from and with it as it was invited. For others, they are sent home or elsewhere…and hopefully they eventually come to that point of study, reflection, and introspection…as opposed to why me, poor me. I am reminded of Deborah Akbar who woke up three days later to hear from her doctor that she would never walk again. Today, not only does she walk but she also drives. It would be nice to hear more of your wisdom on these matters. ~ Thank You.

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